Premium Basswood Jigsaw Puzzle

Dark Cat • S
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Jigsaw puzzle
Color :
Dark Cat
Lop-eared Rabbit
Golden Puppet Cat
Cartoon Dragon
Sika Deer
Sizes :

Size Pcs
Lion S  16*19.5CM 109pcs
Lion M 24*29.3CM 212pcs
Lion L 30*36.6CM 310pcs
Koala S 18*19.6CM 102pcs
Koala M 26*28.3CM 215pcs
Koala L 38*41.4CM 327pcs
Tiger S 18*19CM 106pcs
Tiger M 26*27.4CM 214pcs
Tiger L 38*40.1CM 327pcs
Groundhog S 16*19.9CM 101pcs
Groundhog M 24*29.8CM 210pcs
Groundhog L 30*37.3CM 305pcs
Cartoon Dragon S 18*19.8CM 102pcs
Cartoon Dragon M 26*28.6CM 210pcs
Cartoon Dragon L 38*41.8CM 323pcs
Labrador S 16*23.5CM 103pcs
Labrador M 20*29.4CM 200pcs
Labrador L 26*38.2CM 300pcs
Eagle S 16*23.9CM 108pcs
Eagle M 20*29.9CM 209pcs
Eagle L 25.4*38CM 304pcs
Lop-eared Rabbit S 16*22.3CM 101pcs
Lop-eared Rabbit M 21.5*30CM 202pcs
Lop-eared Rabbit L 28.7*40CM 302pcs
Golden Puppet Cat S 16*21CM 105pcs
Golden Puppet Cat M 23.8*30CM 206pcs
Golden Puppet Cat L 30.2*38CM 300pcs
Cobra S 16*26CM 103pcs
Cobra M 20*32.5CM 200pcs
Cobra L 24.5*39.8CM 302pcs
Dark Cat S 15*21.5CM 102pcs
Dark Cat M 21*30CM 201pcs
Dark Cat L 26.6*38CM 306pcs
Wolf S 15*28CM 102pcs
Wolf M 18.7*35CM 206pcs
Wolf L 22.5*42CM 306pcs

Sika Deer S 16*24.3CM 102pcs
Sika Deer M 19.8*30CM 200pcs
Sika Deer L 25.1*38CM 300pcs
Fox S 16*23.1CM 100pcs
Fox M 20.8*30CM 200pcs
Fox L 26.4*38CM 300pcs
Butterfly S 17*20.6CM 100pcs
Butterfly M 24.7*30CM 200pcs
Butterfly L 30*36.4CM 300pcs

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